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CS-950 Coin Counter & Sorter

Product Discontinued


  • Batch function for easy bagging
  • Ideal for high count volumes
  • Sorts up to 1200 coins per minute
  • Hopper capacity: 500-1000 units
  • Count and sort 5 different coin types into different bags


  • Suitable for counting up to 10,000 per week
  • Robust construction for greater durability
  • High powered motor for extra speed
  • Sorts and counts 4 coin denominations only
  • Counts 1200 coins per minute
  • Hopper Capacity: 1000 coins
  • External Dimensions: 415 x 194 x 330mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 7kg

Product reference code: 3811
CS-950 Coin Counter & Sorter


The CS-950 is our budget medium-to-high volume coin counter and sorter. This machine is suitable for businesses where large quantities of coins are being counted per week. It counts at speeds up to 1200 coins per minute.

The CS-950 is a more robust and faster version of the smaller CS-500 coin sorter. Thanks to its more durable components - including a metal sorting plate, improved chassis and higher powered motors - this sorter not only counts faster, but also lasts longer than smaller machines. Our tests have also shown a significant improvement in accuracy compared to lower volume machines.

This coin sorter includes a batch function for easy bank bagging. The CS-950 will automatically stop at a certain preselected amount for each individual coin denomination if this function is enabled.


  • Counts 1000-1200 coins per minute
  • Batch function for easy bagging
  • More robust than lower volume machines
  • Suitable for counting €10,000 per week