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Union Century Pro Banknote Counter

Product Discontinued


  • Graphic screen display
  • Used by many banks across Europe
  • RS232 printer/PC output
  • Size/width detection


  • UV, MG and MT counterfeit detection
  • Suitable for all currencies
  • Shows number of notes counted
  • Counts 1600 notes per minute
  • Holds 400 banknotes
  • External Dimensions: 239 x 272 x 235mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 6kg

Product reference code: 2634
Union Century Pro Banknote Counter


The Union Century Series of banknote counters have been designed and engineered in Europe to cope with the specific demands of the Euro banknote. Union counters contain more friction rollers and longer belt rollers than most other banknote counters, enabling them to cope with damaged and tattered banknotes.

This machine can count at speeds of up to 1600 notes per minute. This can be adjusted according to the condition of the banknotes. The graphic display screen aids ease of use.

Counterfeit detection comes as standard, keeping your business safe from fraud. The hopper and stacker combined can hold up to 600 banknotes. An RS232 serial port is incorporated into the machine, enabling connection to a PC or compatible printer.

The Union Century Series of counters are so good that they have been used in many banking institutions and businesses throughout Europe and are the best value for money banknote counters on the market.


Union Century Range

Model External DimensionsInternal DimensionsVolume WeightPrice
Century Basic239 x 272 x 235mm (HxWxD)n/a6kg€379.00
Century Pro239 x 272 x 235mm (HxWxD)n/a6kg€560.00
Century Euro239 x 272 x 235mm (HxWxD)n/a6kg€779.00