Airgead 70 Counterfeit Detector

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  • UV lamp for counterfeit detection
  • Discreet and easy to use
  • Suitable for all currencies
  • Quickly check cash or ID cards for UV security features
  • External Dimensions: 82 x 82 x 195mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 1kg

Product reference code: 1910
Airgead 70 Counterfeit Detector


Airgead 70 Counterfeit Detector
ex VAT

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The Airgead 70 is a discreet and convenient UV lamp, perfect for quickly checking bank notes and other papers (ID cards, etc) for ultra-violet security features. Almost all modern bank notes, as well as many forms of official ID such as passports, now feature some form of UV security feature, allowing possible forgeries to be quickly detected.

Suitable for all currencies, the Airgead 70 is compact enough to discreetly sit by your till or behind your counter. Cash can be quickly held under the lamp for examination prior to being accepted into the till, while ID cards can be checked with ease before a transaction is accepted.