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Airgead 75 Counterfeit Detector

Product Discontinued


  • Magnifying window
  • Suitable for all currencies
  • Automatic on/off sensor


  • 2 x 6W UV lamps as standard
  • Watermark and magnetic ink/thread detection
  • External Dimensions: 140 x 270 x 145mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 2kg

Product reference code: 463
Airgead 75 Counterfeit Detector


The Airgead 75 provides UV and magnetic thread detection, allowing you to quickly check for counterfeit bank notes with complete confidence. It also features a magnifiying window where suspicious notes can be scrutinized closely. Suitable for use on all currencies, the Airgead 75 also includes an automatic on/off sensor for energy efficiency. This product is exceptional value for money and safeguards your business from the increasing threat of counterfeit cash.

The Airgead 75 comes with a 1 year warranty.