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CashMax TN10 Note Counting Machine

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  • Ideal for retail, accounting and banking
  • Full size CLIS and Magnetic Image Standard Detectors
  • IR, UV, MG, Size (2D/3D), ST/STR
  • Batch count functionality
  • 3.5 Inch Touchscreen LCD display
  • Up to 20 currencies
  • Software updates via SD Card & Ethernet


  • Ready for new 50 note
  • Extra large note capacity
  • Fast, reliable note counting
  • ECB Certified CashDNA Detection System
  • Shows value of notes counted
  • Ethernet, USB 2.0 & RS232 connectivity
  • Counts 1500 notes per minute
  • Holds 600 banknotes
  • Features 1 serial port
  • Features 1 USB port
  • Includes 1 ethernet port
  • External Dimensions: 210 x 265 x 225mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 5kg

Product reference code: 4067
CashMax TN10 Note Counting Machine


CashMax TN10 Note Counting Machine
ex VAT

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External Printer for TN10€250.00
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Paper Rolls For External Printer€5.00
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Fast, reliable and simple to use, the CashMax TN10 Note Counting Machine is ideal for use in retail, banking and other commercial environments. Capable of processing 1500 notes per minute, the ProNote features 3.5 Inch Touchscreen and soft-touch rubber buttons. Mode selection and operation is straightforward and intuitive, with feedback on the count provided on screen.

For security, the CashMax TN10 features Infrared, UV, magnetic and security thread counterfeit detection allowing it to spot fake notes by checking for the special ultraviolet and magnetic features present in genuine currency. The counter can also check the heights of notes to check that they are genuine. The TN10 alerts users to when a counterfeit is detected, and automatically removes it from the count total.

Batch counting functionality is also available, allowing cash to be counted into particular bundle sizes for depositing in the bank. The counter has space for 600 notes in its hopper and 200 notes in its output tray. The CashMax TN10 boasts a range of connectivity options including RS232, Ethernet & USB. These ports are great for add-ons such as external printers, and also for device updating via RS232, or the included SD Card port.

A versatile note counter, the TN10 can accept up to 20 different currencies. Furthermore, the device is preconfigured to accept all new euro notes, including the new €50!