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DTC2 Coin Sorter & Counter

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  • Extreme accuracy
  • Rejects foreign and damaged coins
  • Touchscreen display for ease of use
  • High speed with minimal noise
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Highest reliability
  • Proven sensor technology
  • Designed for use in banks, supermarkets, casinos, retail stores and more


  • 3 compartments for up to 3 denominations counting.
  • Colour: White
  • Counts 600 coins per minute
  • External Dimensions: 400 x 360 x 205mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 14kg

Product reference code: 4528
DTC2 Coin Sorter & Counter


DTC2 Coin Sorter & Counter
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The DTC range is a leading range in coin counting and sorting, designed to satisfy the market's need for reliable, quick and modern cash processing. The DTC range is a cut above the rest when it comes to sorting and counting, as well as in rejecting foreign and damaged coins. The DTC range offers unique sensor technology, offering top of the range accuracy at an economic price point. Counting up to 600 coins per minute, the DTC range maximises user efficiency, letting you focus on more profitable tasks.

With the DTC range, technology is brought to the forefront, allowing ease of use and flexibility. The solution has the latest features such as a touchscreen display and keypad for easy operation. Each model in the DTC range is built from a strong and robust metals, which when coupled with it's proven sensor technology, ensures years of operating excellence and provides a truly futureproof machine.

Depending on how many denominations you wish to count and sort, we offer two models. The DTC 6 offers 6 compartments for coin denominations. The DTC 9 offers 9 compartments. If two denominations are too close in diameter, the unts in the DTC range offer the space for a second solenoid, providing top of the range sorting. Besides it's incredible counting and sorting functionality, the DTC range also offers a high standard of automatic rejection of foreign and damaged coins, as well as programmable batch stops.

The DTC Range also boasts a number of hardware ports, ready for computer and SoftOne interface for optimal connectivity. SoftOne Intelligence is the ultimate management platform for superior financial operational control of cash handling solutions, including the ability to integrate with existing ERP solutions, generate reports and provide automated reconciliations. For more information regarding the DTC Range & SoftOne Intelligence, please do not hesitate to contact us.


DTC Range

Model External DimensionsInternal DimensionsVolume WeightPrice
DTC 9 GBP485 x 668 x 318mm (HxWxD)n/a30kg
DTC 1400 x 360 x 205mm (HxWxD)n/a14kg
DTC 2400 x 360 x 205mm (HxWxD)n/a14kg
DTC 6444 x 508 x 285mm (HxWxD)n/a22kg€1,750.00
DTC 9485 x 668 x 318mm (HxWxD)n/a30kg