Ratiotec Smart Protect Plus Counterfeit Detector

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  • Compact detector making it an ideal solution for the POS
  • Automatic currency recognition
  • Future proof detector with new updates via Update Manager (via USB or MicroSD Card)
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Easy to clean and easy to open up
  • Warning light and audio signal


  • Compact counterfeit detector
  • Protects your business from the threat of counterfeit cash
  • Counterfeit detection: IR, MG, MT, SD, WM, TD & Colour
  • Green/Red indicator for genuine and suspicious banknotes
  • Suitable for EUR, GBP & CHF banknotes
  • LED Bar & LCD Display
  • Counting function
  • Report Function
  • Standby Mode (ECO)
  • Displays total amount and quantity of accepted banknotes counted
  • External Dimensions: 62 x 117 x 137mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 1kg

Product reference code: 5607
Ratiotec Smart Protect Plus Counterfeit Detector


Ratiotec Smart Protect Plus Counterfeit Detector
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Clever and compact, the Ratiotec Smart Protect Plus is an ideal counterfeit banknote detector for any retail or business environment. Large, clear light on the top panel show whether a bank note is genuine or not. A warning sound also signals if a counterfeit is detected. With such ease of use, the need to train staff on recognizing a bank note’s security features is no longer necessary.

A future-proof detector thanks to improved test sensors (IG & MG) and also an easy to update device via Update Manager. Can automatically detect EUR, GBP and CHF without having to switch to a specific currency. The Smart Protect Plus can determine the quantity and total amount of the tested banknotes. This highly reliable device with ultra fast detection (Less than 1 second) means you don't have to waste any time at your POS!


ratiotec Smart Protect Range

Model External DimensionsInternal DimensionsVolume WeightPrice
Smart Protect62 x 117 x 137mm (HxWxD)n/a1kg€119.00
Smart Protect Plus62 x 117 x 137mm (HxWxD)n/a1kg€129.00